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Shenzhen Accord Industry Limited Shenzhen Accord Industry Limited

Shenzhen Accord Industry Limited covers a wide range of service including mold designing, manufacturing and injection molding. We are specialized in manufacturing various of plastic molds such as automotive mold, hot runner mold, unscrewing mold, high gloss mold, high precision mold, insert-over-molding mold, bi-injection 2-shot mold, washing machine mold, multi-cavity mold, rapd prototype mold, silicon rubber mold etc.

We employ optimal process settings in order to directly influence the cost,quality, and productivity of our plastic injection molding. Those benefits are passed on to you in the way of lower costs and higher quality than our competitors. Our lean and well-managed state-of-the-art injection plant allows us to offer our customers extremely competitive price and solutions for complex projects. The factory is managed with our sophisticated closed loop control system, which allows us to carefully monitor and oversee all aspects of production, including progress on the production floor, flow of raw materials, product inventory, and accurate supervision of timetables. AccordIndustry's superior Injection Department specializes in a wide range of technical materials, from standard nylon with glass fiber to complex materials such as PPS(40% fiber GF for the mining industry),Polysulphon, and Polyamide 66 and 12 GF30 to 50. Our injection machines from 120 to 650 tons can assure good quality of the molds or products for our customers. Our company is a full-service provider, offering our customers a long-term service. All sales people and engineers are good at English,Smooth communications make us clear and efficient while communicating with our customers. Our Engineering Department provides a powerful technical support for your Research and Development Team from the beginning,which provides complete design support, material selection, and mold (tool) design support to maximize "mold ability" from start to finish. We have professional design team to streamline the development process, and mange everything from the delivery time to pricing and quality assurance. 1. We specialize in designing and manufacturing of plastic injection moulds, die casting moulds as well as related plastic parts, such as kitchen tools, cases, auto parts, medical parts, electronic parts, communication parts, etc. 2. We can provide a complete solution from designing, quick prototype, mould making to part molding. 3. We have high speed CNC, EDM, Wire cuts, 2D-CMM, and injection machines in house. 4. We have passed ISO 9001: 2008 authentication, and we have been making high quality molds for about 10 years. 5. Mold Steel: Buderus, Assab, AISI & JIS (including preharden steel and fully harden steel) P20 (=1.2311), H13 (=1.2344), Starvax 420 (=stainless steel) 6. Mold Base: Hasco standard, DME standard, LKM standard 7. Surface treatment: Texture (MT standard), high gloss polishing

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Country: China
City: Shenzhen
Address: 1A# Building, XinDa Industry Park, FuRong ,Shajing, Bao'an
Phone: +86 (755) 23502850
Fax: +86 (755) 23502850
E-mail: ywm.sai@accordindustry.net
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